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Building Homes

Get Involved

We will need a lot of help and community involvement for this project to get up and running quickly. If you want to help or would like to donate, we would greatly appreciate your participation with our Tiny Homes project.

Our unhoused neighbours deserve safety.

Will you help?

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Donate Supplies

Eventually we will need supplies, whether those are donated after contacting us for suitability, or through donor funding. When we get to that phase of the project, we will post a wish list with equivalent funds needed. In the meantime, fill out our volunteer form below so we can email you when we're ready.

Volunteers Lifting Construction Frame


We’re in the beginning stages of our project and need planners/fundraisers right now, but we will need help with construction, finishes, gathering furniture, recreation facilities, landscaping (July-October) and eventually maintaining the Tiny Home Community (October/November). Fill out our contact form below and let us know how you can help and which days are best for you.


Donate Money

We need your help with getting the funds together to build and maintain our Tiny Home Community. We will need funds for all building supplies and eventually food, staff, hygiene products and community spaces. We are currently working out our financial specifics, but check back or fill out our volunteer form to be notified when donations can be received.

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