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Building Houses

Who we are

The current housing and shelter system is struggling to meet the growing needs and address the complexities of the unhoused in Guelph. Rising housing prices and low vacancies have contributed to a situation that fails the most vulnerable. This pressure has overwhelmed the shelter system and left many community members living in tents across the city.

The Guelph Tiny Homes Coalition came together
to support unhoused community members.

We are a nonprofit organization working to implement a high-speed housing option for those experiencing homelessness in Guelph. The core team is led by members of the faith community, healthcare professionals, business owners, tradespeople, and people with lived experience. 


We believe that in a community as prosperous and caring as Guelph, no one should be sleeping in a tent and that a community-led pilot can move faster and be more flexible to the needs expressed by people who are currently unhoused.

Meet some of the team

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